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Edit unsuccessful gigs or delete them and start over?

I’ve tried editing the gig to make it more appealing, but I’m still not receiving orders on that particular gig. Should i keep editing it or delete it altogether and create a new one instead?


You should create a new gig…
And no need to delete this gig that you edited.

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But it doesn’t have any reviews and i thought you couldn’t create two gigs that are basically the same.

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Same here…i have some gig which are didn’t get any viewers but it’s not an issue.
No,you can place your new gig with little bit of difference…


I prefer to delete those gigs and create new ones. As i know new gigs can get many impressions then older unsuccessful gigs.


Please make sure you deleted or paused your previous Gig before open a new Gig on same category. Because fiverr recommend to active one gig in same category.


Thank you, i might do just that.

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Yes, I think that’s good.

You should create new gig with best keywords, unique title, seo description and attractive gig image. Delete your editted gig because this gig lost his rank .

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very informative . it’s true

Very important is also having video; it really helps in finding customers