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Edited gig but no orders yet for long


I have edited my gig description, prices and video so it looked more better than before but am not getting any orders so far i have 80 clicks but no orders
what can i do thanks ?


Well Mr. Federer… this is one of the reason you can’t get order


haha yeah
but i think i edit my gig to be better
here is it plz if u can check


After edited your gig can you saw your gig in fiverr page?


@magneticpoint no i dont see it there
any solution please


When you edited your gig, your gig rank automatically down. Just wait somedays


oh okay
i will do it and hopefully i get new orders
thank you for help


Please try to re modify your gig. Use your targeted keyword to your description and Title must be short and decent and use your keyword to your title. It will help you to your gig rank. Otherwise try to contact with support @taylorjar1


yes i just edited it and i will contact them again
thank u alot for the help


You are most welcome. Carry on