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Edited my Gig today, are these good changes?

This is my gig:
This is how it was setup before:
If that links, does my updates seem like an improvement? (Ignore the crossed out images, I didn’t realize my gig was gonna update automatically, so those images weren’t there before.)

Also another question, two people who were recently interested in my gig, one after we settled on what they wanted, they never ended up placing an order or replying back to my last message where I said I’d do it?
The other wanted examples of work and I linked them to some in different places, and then they dissappeared. (Which is why I recently updated this to have more examples.)
If people don’t reply back, should I contact them again, or is it better to just leave things as is?

Is it okay to bump after 3 days? :slight_smile:

Although I guess I’ll ask what about my longest running gig, I was wondering what’s wrong with it? This is the one I’ve had up ever since I created my account. (although I also recently changed the images.)

I don’t seem to appear within the first 5 pages, which I guess might be a good reason.
But I feel like in my opinion my art level is kind of on parr to a lot of people who seemed to have sold at least 5? (and a few seemed to be users for only a few months.)
How do I not even have one buyer on this gig after over a year has passed?

Anyone? xD
What does no one responding mean, that they’re technically fine?

What types of audiences does someone typically market art gigs towards?

Improve your English and get a new video !

Didn’t watch the video, but I don’t see anything wrong with their English in the gig description.

You don’t have to state the delivery time in the gig description if you already have it in the actual gig :stuck_out_tongue:

What would you say you dislike about the video?

My only language is English, so I would hope I know English pretty well. xD
Is there any particular part where I could’ve worded something better.

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Well I did that delivery thing because I feel I can do most orders within a week, but I just have the gig set at 14 days just to keep me out of trouble just incase I do have something that delays me for that long…
It was kind of just meant as “Don’t worry I probably won’t take 14 days to finish your order” when I did the 2-14 days part.
Idk. xD

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Sorry the comment supposed to be on another post :see_no_evil:
But still, you need to get a new video for this gig
"I Will Animate A Cartoon Or Anime Mouth"
The sound is not that good and the animation as well! You can get HD one with a better anime :wink: