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Editing a Gig and its impact on orders

Hi Fiverr Family,

Happy holidays!
It’s been 38 days when I joined Fiverr. After couple of weeks I got my first order that I completed with 5 start review and then someone placed the order without letting me know. I did my best to complete that order but the buyer left 4 star review. He/she provided the reason that 8 words were less than the Gig has mentioned for such orders. After that I have not gotten any orders. For two orders my review ranking is 4.5 now. Please share your valuable advice what I should do to get orders. My Gigs are:

Thanks and have a lovely time!

What happened to the gig that had the 5-star? Unfortunately, there’s not much, if anything, that can be done about your scenario. Similar things happen all the time. You just take it for the lesson it is and keep going.
Honestly, getting gigs a month in is pretty good in the first place.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my issue. I will certainly keep my hopes high. It might be possible that orders will pour in 2020.

Have a great time!