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Editing a gig will rank my gig down again?

Last May to June my gig rank is on top and got 13 clients, but when I edited my gig on July to a higher price and 3 packages, the number of clicks and impressions dropped down drastically till now and no client on the month of July, but this August I got 2 clients on my previous client and 1 new client. Also I only have “3 Keyword on my gig”, I’m afraid if I add 2 more keywords to make it 5 will it rank down again, should I bring down my prices again?


I think you should add two keywords then your gig have more chances to come in the research bar…

do you think it will rank down again my gig?

Don’t do that If you make changes into your gig It will down your ranking for sure

Okay sir hiteshgolait, it ranked down last time, but now I have 2 more good feedback, I forgot to add 2 more keyword it should be 5 I think. I think I better wait?