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Editing and mastering an additional service?


Hey guys I am new to the voiceover realm.

When selling a voiceover gig, is the editing and mastering (eq, compression, normalizing, etc) including in the basic price? I don’t see it listed in the add-ons.


Hi. No there isn’t an extra for those sorts of post-production things that Fiverr has implemented into voiceover gigs-- however you can create a custom extra to include more post-production offerings outside of what you would typically deliver a client.
BUT, personally, I edit and master all projects the same, so unless it was sound effects or other audio effects like delay, reverb, etc, I wouldn’t suggest charging extra for standard editing and mastering, as most don’t on here… and you’d likely not have a competitive edge.

Stuff you can definitely charge for in the realm of post production, and most of these are built in already to the voiceover gigs, is background music, file splitting, rendering wav format, and more.

Something I can see as a reasonable post-production additive that you’d have to create a custom extra for, and what I’ve seen some sellers do, is offer breath removal. But, up to you. For me, I already do this regardless, but some don’t to expedite their base service, and would charge extra for it.

All what you prefer in building your gigs!

Hope that helps. Best!


I can’t believe that some VO artists charge extra for a wav file. Do you think that’s a little much?


I don’t on an ‘a la carte’ marketplace like Fiverr… besides, sellers with high volume sales probably don’t like storing wav files since they take up much more room, so I get the appeal of charging for it in that context.

But yeah you’re right…with private clients I wouldn’t mention or try to charge for a specific file format.