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Editing and proof-reading gigs advice

Make sure you can at least write English properly. Simple stuff, really. The amount of sellers trying to peddle proofreading / writing / edit services with gigs full of broken English is appalling. Why?

Some think that getting a free trial on Grammarly or having MS Word 2003 qualifies them as a proofreader.


Indeed. But is anyone hiring them, though? That’s the point, if nobody hires those “proofreaders”, eventually they must realise that it’s not working and give up, no?

I have seen some hilarious proofreading gigs where you check the reviews and both the buyer and seller have atrocious English. Obviously the buyer doesn’t know any better!

That must be it. I have no idea how many buyers come to me and ask “Do you use Grammarly?” because they either (1) think it’s a godsend and will catch all errors or (2) because their last “editor” depended on it and their document came out worse.

I’ve given Grammarly a shot in the past as an assistant to my manual editing and it misses even the most obvious errors. It also adds meaningless commas, offers weird spelling alternatives, and deactivates Word’s built-in spellchecker (which works better on its own).


To be honest I think the default spell check / autocorrect on any Mac is at least on par with grammarly, if not superior lol

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I think Grammarly might be ok as a desktop app for when typing an email etc - like all their annoying YT ads show - but for professional proofreading it comes nowhere near what is necessary.

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Well, your computer spell checker will do mostly the same, for no added cost at all, so… Grammarly’s selling point is mostly punctuation, and that is, as we all know, more of an art form than a science :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly. The basic browser add-in can be helpful for emails/posts, but it often does more harm than good when it comes to using it for Word documents (especially when people randomly accept every suggestion without looking at them first).