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Editing existing gig?

Hi can you please tell me that editing existing gig is better or creating new one is better if no orders are coming? and then how and what the thing should be edit?

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Neither editing a gig, nor creating a new one will guarantee any sales. That’s not how Fiverr works. If your gig needs to be edited, then feel free to do so. If you want to start a new gig, you are welcome to do that as well. Nothing you do, as a seller here on Fiverr, will guarantee sales. In fact, Fiverr does not guarantee any sales just because a seller has gigs here. Sales are earned by proactively connecting to your target customers, and convincing them to hire you.


Thank for your quick reply.
Should i delete those gigs on which I am not getting orders or deleting = not deleting?
is It affects on other ranking?

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Did you read what I wrote in my previous comment? Nothing you do will guarantee sales. Focus on connecting your services to the target customers who need them. That is the only way to set yourself up for success. Trying to find a way to game the system – or the search algorithm – will not work.

Just leave the old gig alone and make a new one but make it somehow DIFFERENT, for a different thing or a variation of the old gig, not the exact same thing as the old one.

And you can edit the old gig too.


Thanks a lot.

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Thanks for your valuable trips :heart_eyes:

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If you want to add something to your existing service then editing gig is better than creating multiple gigs for the same one. Anyway editing gigs alone wont get you any sales so try to be active here and also try sharing your gigs in social media for maximum exposure.