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Editing for Self-Published Writers

Trustworthy. Thorough. Dedicated. That’s what you want in an editor.

You don’t want an editor that goes through your manuscript one time, catching as many errors as they see. You want an editor that makes multiple passes through your manuscript to catch errors that other people don’t. I go through each chapter of a manuscript 5 times.

The first is a read through, the second to check and correct spelling, the third to check and correct quotes, the fourth to check and correct grammar, and the fifth to check and correct punctuation.

Amidst this checking and correcting, I also correct issues of run on and awkward sentences, organization, flow, consistency, and extraneous information.

You get a ton of work for each chapter plus my FREE comments and suggestions (built on 4 years of editing experience, 2 years of graduate school, and a lifetime of reading).

This level of high-quality work would usually cost you $8-20 an hour (or more!), making $5 for 3,000 word, $15 for 7,000, $45 for 19,000, and so on, a HUGE money-saving bargain!

So if you’re in need an editor that will give you value for your dollar and your manuscript the attention it deserves, buy a gig ‘now’!