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Editing gig again and again have negative impact


editing gig again and again have negative impact ? i am newbie and change gig pic 4 5 time and add or removing description is good or not ?


Generally, if you need to update your gig, you can do that as often as you want. Fiverr does, however, review all edits and updates to ensure that those edits follow the rules.


Clean and professional images always help you stand out from others. Clear and concise gig descriptions also help with the buyer to make a decision easily to buy from you.


Yes I think also that, editing gig again & again can make negative impact.


You might lose your gig ranking , or even place it higher, after proper research


Its depends on how you edit your gig, editing your gig will give you positive impact most of the times, but editing some content will make your gig disappear on search and will give you negative impact.


You can change your gig description with your keywords, gig video, gig image & pdf to rank your gig in top.
But please don’t make any change in the title, if you change gig title, your gig url would not be changed. Gig url is permanent & you can’t change it.


irfan018 follow the Fiverr Rules and create awesome gig for your service


thank you every one for your time . i just change my gig for improvements .


Hi, Please Read this topic Before Posting Asking About MORE ORDERS, NO ORDERS, Tips, Buyers, First Order - READ THIS. Wish you all the best!


Try not to do it so much… everytime I´ve changed something in my gigs I´ve had a negative impact in sales.


This is not recommended. Its like you are resubmitting your gig for review again and again. If the Fiverr Editorial Team has reviewed your gig and and has given a green signal, your gig is reinstated into the search results. But if you are overdoing it, you are making your gig stand in a queue to be reviewed again and again by Fiverr Editors, it will never show in the search results for the time being it is under review. Don’t over do it, unless needed!!


Thank you for you advice and you explain it very deeply .


Probably, it’s right that editing gig can lower down it’s ranking!
According to my experience, I have been concentrating on my gig to make it more better, attractive and to improve it’s ranking since long time (like 2 months).

During this time, I have decided to go from some different stretegy and want to see which working better for my gig.

Now, the things I have noticed is that if you edit your gig, than probably most of the chances that your gig ranking will decrease.

But wait, if you makes good changes that follow the terms of fiverr, than almost definitely your gig will rank in which position, where it was or in more improved position.

It takes almost 2-4 weeks to rank again after editing (it’s my opinion and can be bit wrong).

So after editing, wait for some time, gig will rank again, it is like algorithm of fiverr that says how it ranks gig after editing!!

I hope it would be helpful for you!!:blush:


Does it always get reviewed again? Also if you just change the pricing or delivery time?


I think this all depends on their on their algorithm, I only can guess things by little experience I have get during editing my gig.

First, you can change/edit your gig many times as you want in a day. Editing gig many times don’t mean that you are running spam gig or want to rank your gig by bothering on their algorithm.
But be carefull, they can lower down your Gig ranking for some time, if you edits your gig too much time.

Second, their maybe 2 types of gig changes, like little and big. Changing Gig description thoroughly or changing gig prices can be a big edit in gig.

So in my opinion, if you take little changes in your gig, then it is more likely that gig will not loose his rank. But if you take big changes, then it is most likely that gig will loose his rank or climb on page.

If Gig looses his rank, then it can take 1-4 weeks to regain old position or rank on more improved position.:slight_smile::+1:

Although, this is my thinking and can be wrong (little or even big):wink:

Altogether, I suggest you to dont edit gig if something is not really necessary, otherwise, you can loose your rank for some days.