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Editing gig and adding flicker link to its description after first order

Hi everyone. I have received my first order on Fiverr some days ago. Now I want to add my flicker link to my gig description.But I am a little confused. Does editing my gig description cause any damage to my gigs impression and click Because after my first review on my gig it’s getting more impression and click.
Thanks all

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Every time you edit your gig, it goes through a review. During this time it’s removed from the search. This review can take 1-5 days.

It’s generally advised to mess with your gigs as little as possible, though as much as needed. If you can, wait until you have four or five things you want to change and do them all at once. Also (UNVERIFIED), if you can, edit it while you have an order for that gig (supposedly, completing an order offsets messing with the gig).


Great advice!
It will be helpful!
Thank you so much

Thanks for the reply . But not clear with your last line “(supposedly, completing an order offsets messing with the gig)”–This line

As I said, that one is unverified. Supposedly, making an edit before you deliver an order helps.

Thanks for the help. I will apply this and hope for the best. again Thanks

Great solution! Thank you