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Editing gig makes it disappear?

That seems to be the issue for me. Then it pops back up on the 10th page (when I was recently highly ranked on the first page), and I’m a Level 2 seller. Anyone else find that even a minor edit can bump them drastically?


Depends how “minor” you think “minor” is, and where that minor change is applied - almost all changes can have an impact on search results, sometimes making a gig disappear for 12-24 hours before it gets back in search results.

If you make a minor change to the gig title, that can have an impact. If you make a really minor change to the description like correcting a misspelled word, that may (or may not) leave the gig where it is.


Yes. Even if you only click edit and don’t even edit anything, that is also considered editing. Your gig can stay on the 10th page for months easily, if unlucky. Not sure why that happens, but I would recommend to contact support if it takes longer than 24 hours, and if that doesn’t help, then edit all parts of the gig every few days. Try even removing the video and uploading it again.

It can take up to 48 hours to get the gig back in the search system, unfortunately nobody knows how the system work so there isn’t a way to know exactly how much time your gig will take to be up and running.

That gig is probably gonna stay on the 10th page for weeks if not months - speaking from experience.

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