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Editing gig reduced order

If i make any changes to the gig, the order is reduced. What could be the reason? Any idea?

When ever you edit your gig it will lost its ranking, so thats why the orders also decreases.


Really?? Thank you so much bukhari for the important info.

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If we correct some spelling errors then it will affect the ranking or not?

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@shabi_shoaib of-course, what ever you change in your gig, it will effect your gig ranking too.

Actually I just published my gig couple of minutes ago I saw some spelling mistakes over there and instantly I have correct them.

Your gig is new. Impressions aren’t there yet. Now, what if you edit, and if not, or what?

@shabi_shoaib then its not a such big problem for you because you just have published your will not effect your ranking.editing a gig is not good for the ranked gigs.


Oh Thank God
Thank you for the info n guidence

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When ever you edit your gig it will lost its ranking

Sometimes you will gain ranking too. Not all the time it lost Its ranking

Yes. It effects but not that much…
If you edit your ‘tags’, ‘price section’ of your gig it effects much more than editing some errors.

Try to avoid too much editing after publishing the gig… (Tips)

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Thank you so much for your kindness
keep supporting fiverr’s family
God bless you

You need to correct spelling mistakes. Attention to detail is very important. Mistakes will put buyers off, and they will move on to buy from someone else.

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True, price doesn’t make sense , if you do for low or high price. Spelling, and not bringing lies helps you to do the best in fiverr.

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