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Editing Gig Thrice a month

Hello, I edit my gigs when I find that impression, views and clicks are low but after some time I face the same . So, my question is is there any negative point when we change gigs.
Thanks in advance


First, check your gigs in the search result. See if your some gigs get invisible or not. Because sometimes when you edit your gig then that gig will be invisible. Then contact Fiverr. And do not edit gig too often. I found this info on another topic and I found that right.
Man, my gig also invisible in search result now as I am still editing my gig after published.
Just Contact Support. Tell them nicely. They will fix your issue if you have any. :slightly_smiling_face:
I have already contacted support and next day everything was fine. Then I edited again my gig and guess what it got invisible again. So I am preparing perfectly so that I won’t have to do edit too often.


Thanks man, I will go accordingly

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Change/edit your gigs only when you have to.

Editing your gigs thrice a week or thrice a month is not going to be of much help imo. If anything, it is only going to affect you negatively due to the removal of your gig(s) from Fiverr’s search everytime you edit them.

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This thing also happened with me and i flow the same process.

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Thanks amn @hanshuber16