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Editing gig title not changing my gig url

Hi! i need a help. I change one of my gig for example former title was web designer. no i change it as web developer. but still in gig url showing web designer. my confusion is how a buyer will find my gig as designer or developer?


Once you create a gig the URL can’t be changed.

You can change the gig title but it must bear some resemblance to the gig URL.

Your gig URL slug isn’t going to affect that.

I know in regular SEO it can, but not on Fiverr.

Fiverr explains very clearly that you can’t change your gig URL. No system anywhere changes your URL slug automatically when you change your title. Because then people would complain about losing their backlinks.

It will use the title. Web designer and web developer are two different things.

What does the description call it?

I looked at your gigs and I’m a little confused. The one gig you have called “I will be your web developer” has the same URL.

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Thanks for visiting my gigs. Yes i didn’t change the title of will be your web developer. i had changed the another one.

Now i have understood. Thanks you!