Editing Gigs results in same title error?!


So I decided to edit one of my gigs, I change the extras, and click save, and I get an error message saying the title has already been used! Well duh! Its the title of MY gig! Fiverr is still so full of bugs its like an insect farm!


lol. I know the feeling of this. Before a month or something like that, I added video on gig and after that they requested modification on gig. First was title, second was wrong category… Even that gig was 1 year old and I had more then 300 orders completed lol


I had this same issue and what you need to do is just change one extra at a time and it should work. Give it a try and see what happens - good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip I will try that


Reply to @arty182925: I also got same problem


Reply to @alysmcdonough: thanks for solution


It worked, thanks :slight_smile: