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Editing home page of a seller

How to edit the home page if I’m a seller? Every gig I make gets submitted to the slide show of gigs at the home page by default. How to edit it to show only the gigs I want to display?

Thanks for the reply. A slight confusion here. So here is the complete scenario -

I took service from the user “FRAGGLESROCK”. I got a sketch made from her and now I can see that sketch in her list of gigs on her home page. I logged out from my account and still I can see that sketch there, which means it is public. Do you mean to say that it can’t be removed from there? Please clarify.

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Reply to @theharshest: many sellers have LivePortfolio option turned on; this means that, when delivering the gig, they can set which image or video can be shown on LivePortfolio. Buyer, before accepting the delivery, can remove that image/video so nothing is shown on LP.

When the order is marked as complete nothing can be changed anymore, so if you need that image to be removed, contact Customer Support.

Thank you mark74, that explained it all!