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Editing my gig tags and SEO Affects impressions?

I started working on Fiverr 4 months ago.
in the beginning, the impressions were increasing day after day and I fell that tags and all SEO stuff are ok
I reached level one now and I got a message from Fiverr to edit the name of the gig( and I discovered that the gig URL doesn’t change with the new name so is this a factor affecting the statistics?) then I thought that the circumstances will be better but it was the opposite Impressions decreases in a strange way (50-60 impressions/day) so I decided to update my gig tags and Gig SEO title (for the SEO Title I am trying different things but I can’t determine what is the best way to write it) I am still learning about SEO, trying different tags and SEO and I am trying sharing my gig on social media
My questions are:
1-is updating my gig is a harmful thing? or I should keep trying different tags for example?
2-Does changing my Gig’s name help?
3-is putting a video really helping the gig in the SEO? (considering that videos make no control on the thumbnail of the gig)


Editing a gig removes it from the search while the changes are verified. Edit as little as possible, though as often as needed. If you want to test changes, you’ll need to give the gig time, maybe a fill week or two, so you can track the trend line.

A gig’s name should state what you do. There are only so many ways to say the same thing, so once you clearly capture the point of the gig, there’s no need to modify it further.

Fiverr claims that videos can help, but don’t make a video unless it can help better explain or better show what you do. A video will become the ‘main’ gig image, so in a way, they replace the main thumbnail. Videos are not known to affect SEO at all, but there’s very little data on that.


Thank you for your reply