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Editing my gigs

I tried to edit a couple of my gigs and it won’t let me save them, or it tells me there is something missing when it wasn’t changed. This is a ongoing problem with Fiverr and I’m wondering if anyone out there has had the same issues and what you did to resolve it. I’ve tried several different browsers, and still it won’t let me edit. Every time I try to edit this is a problem. I try again every day till it finally takes. Wow, if any other business did this, . . .


Could be for various reasons. One time I had the same problem and contacted support since I could not figure out why it would not apply my changes. The technical department then told me if you for example have the same gig extras in multiple gigs it won’t let you make those changes.

Other than that, it might be because of the gig title being used by someone else. Maybe you forgot a check mark or a section in your gig extras?

Or maybe it’s just a bug. If you cannot figure it out, I suggest to contact the technical department, they will be able to help you out.

Good luck :wink: