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Editing Nude pictures?

Hi there,

Hope anyone can help me. I offer a photoshop gig for ‘any photoshop work’. I regularly get asked if I edit or retouch nude pictures and I always say that I don’t. Is it against Fiverr TOS to work on nude photo’s?

And has any of you ever gotten questions like this?

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I think this is a personal preference but to be sure you could ask customer support.

its TOS, the account of the buyer send you a nude will be Dissable, and time to time you will be dissable too, because you accept a nude…
dont do it, report the users and block it


This is from the ToS.


Someone else posted a similar thread, and support responded to them that you are allowed to edit nudes, as it would only be between you and the buyer. But can’t have them as portfolio images or offer a service related to only editing nudes or promoting that part. Still, may want to confirm with support first, in case I don’t remember correctly.


There is nothing in the TOS that addresses this. Editing nudes is not an adult oriented gig.


miss, my best friend (girl) its a model and she use to sell pictures using the cloth of the clients on fiverr (and other companys), she was lvl2, she never sell adult or nudity, she have her own studio and cameraman, and her account was dissable for “inapropiate content”…

same to an old friend, he make Tattoos on fiverr, i dont remember his level, but he sell a lot of angels, and Indian culture gods related (kali, shiva, etc)… same, dissable permanently for inapropiated content, and he never sell a draw of an angel or something making something adult*, same for the gods… but fiverr dont like nipples

so, fiverr are strict with this kind of content, so i recomend dont sell, edit, make, or anything with nudes, even shiba… put a Tshirt or something to that girl xD

@capsium You do not know exactly why those accounts of others were disabled. You probably do not know the entire story of them.


don’t make fiverr porn site please


Nobody’s mentioned prn, websites relate to prn or anything at all to do with p*rn.


this person ask for nudes, xD STOP making nudes an art… im feminist, but fiverr its a kid friendly page, and i agree with this

same situation to Patreon, every cosplayer i see only sell nudes

dont do it, JUST Dont DO IT

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The gender of the nude wasn’t mentioned. It could have been a male nude. :wink:


@thecartoonista I’d suggest you to get in touch with CS. Its the only way to be sure about it.

I don’t really see where @misscrystal was being “toxic”. As far as I can see, you are the one who responded inappropriately.


I agree. @thecartoonista I think you should contact CS. They can take up to 48 hours to respond.

I think she might have used the word toxic to refer to something else. I mean, clearly, English is not her first language. Also, I believe this to be the case because @misscrystal hasn’t said anything that would make others label her as “toxic.” :rofl: It just doesn’t make sense.

If you notice, after she said: “don’t be a toxic person,” she continued the sentence with: “be a safe player.” I am not defending her or anything, but maybe all she wanted to say was: “stop doing risqué (toxic? :thinking:) stuff, and be a safe player.” :wink:


My only advice is deliver the picture BEFORE or after using the delivery button, not during. You don’t want a nude picture to appear on your live portfolio, that could kill your gigs.

Good points, but in this case, the seller isn’t violating the TOS. Sometimes it’s better not to ask too many questions. You’re paid to do X, do X, then forget about it.

I disagree with that. Fiverr isn’t Disney World, and it has plenty of gigs that are not G or even PG. Romance book covers are very risqué. Kid-friendly? Why? Kids have no money, kids rarely buy anything, my own niece and nephew refuse to work on Fiverr, so why should we sacrifice sales for children that aren’t even here?

Besides, kids today google anything you can imagine, they’re not so sweet and innocent anymore, and there’s nothing on Fiverr that could corrupt them. In fact, YouTube is the place full of awful stuff, I’ve read several reports from parents that want to censor YouTube because they find really vile stuff.

My point is that the internet is not the kid’s babysitter, nor should it be.


Sorry then, I guess you do know what they did to get banned.

I disagree. I think its inappropriate/obscene and Fiverr won’t allow their platform for such services. Even if the body-parts are blurred I still don’t think that Fiverr will allow the sellers to showcase such editing works.


The violation would be a gig that offered something adult or pornographic.


A Gig is a service that you can sell and offer exclusively on Fiverr. It’s an opportunity to showcase your talent to potential customers and provide them with all the information they need before they place an order. (as per Fiverr Gig Policy)

Gigs have been removed in the past too!!! Such services are not allowed on Fiverr.

I think what you are trying to say is the difference between a “request” and a “service”?. In my opinion, if the seller is agreeing to work on the request that’s indirectly is a service that he/she is offering because that is generating some revenue. If a seller comes across some disputes with the buyer regarding these particular request/orders then where do a seller approach for a resolution? CS will likely to give its decision in favor of buyer because Fiverr in its Terms has mentioned about “adult oriented services”, they have specifically used the word “services”. This itself is a broad term.

It should be better to clarify it with CS itself.

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so, you’r saying you can send adult content and broke the rules via Direct message?..

or well, whatever, fell free to recomend anything to anyone, you’r probably a staff on fiverr or something, excuse me for be a pain madame.

let her say anything she want, xD someone report my comment because i say she is wrong, and have a damaging attitude for recommend danger tips

this is why im feminist, i dont mention nothing about gender… im not a feminazi dude xD… feminist its a way of think (i dont know how writte it on english), and not everything its about balance and woman rights, some stuff are just about respect and acceptation our body in any form… and stuff like that