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Editing of gigs

Hello guys, have been on Fiverr since January and have not get any order. I was thinking maybe is because of my price since am new seller. Thinking of editing it now but my laptop is having problem now

My question is how can I Edit it using my phone and how do I get order form buyer quickly.


For getting quick orders you should work on improving your gig, You can upgrade your seo, title, description, tags by doing gig researches. And you can try to edit gig in your phone with a browser on desktop mode.

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Thanks for this advice

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1st thing is editing is not a good concept. rather your remove the gig and upload a new gig. By editing, your gig will not get rank properly. it considered as a negative mark for SEO. So, take a copy of your previous gig and correct them and then create a new gig. If you do good SEO in your gig. then it will rank and you will get work. thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, Seokaybee! Just from a quick look at your profile (and not even the gig yet) I can see a few problems that have nothing to do with pricing. Your bio has quite a few grammatical errors in it. Maybe you created your profile on a mobile device and not a computer and in that case, there’s greater risk for errors. Especially if the keyboard is switching between different languages.

You also mention “we” a lot in your profile. Is there more than one person working on your account? That isn’t allowed, but maybe that’s just a turn of phrase where you’re from. Either way, it’s important to center YOU and the things you and only you can provide.

If you’re offering writing services, make sure the writing in your gigs demonstrates the quality of your work. Naturally, clients will request samples and you’ll have even more chances to wow them with your abilities, but your gigs and profile are glimpses of what’s to come. Use that space to wow potential buyers!

In short, I would do a complete overhaul of your profile and make sure the writing is up to par. Good luck on your journey.

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Thanks alot for this correction, will work on it