Editing profile & gig


Just joined Fiverr and can’t figure out how to edit my profile & gig info. Is there a button or does everybody else but me get this stuff right the first time?


Hello and welcome!

For your profile text, you just need to click your name from the dropdown you get when you click your profile photo on the top bar, right corner, then on the left part of the page below the profile ‘box’ you get the ‘Edit Description link’.

For your gig, hover over the gig you want to edit, right part of the page, and click ‘Edit’.

Ah, and if you don´t see any of these options, you may have clicked ‘View as a Buyer’ (button at the bottom of that profile box, under the gree ‘Contact me’ button), in that case, click it again to ‘View as a Seller’, else you won´t see the edit options.

Hope that helps.