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Editing/Publishing Gigs on Mobile


We can delete gigs on the app but not edit/publish. I think creating isn’t an option either. If we can, may I know? I’m on android. If we don’t, I think creating gigs on the go is a really really good option to have.



I think since the new mobile updates the availability to editing gigs on mobile is unavailable and seems that it can only be done on a pc, desktop/laptop.


What I have done:
-Open the gig in mobile browser
-Once I get the ‘Please use this page on desktop’ (or whatever it says) message, I
-Go to my browser menu and click the box that says ‘Request Desktop Version’.
-Then, I can update my gig as needed.

It takes longer, and is a pain, but if you can’t get to a PC, it works.


Hopefully fiverr will add those feature on next app update. So please be patiene


I’m really looking forward to that feature on the next App update.