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Editing rating after completion of order (by buyer or auto-completion)

Hi Fiverr Community,

I would like to share my experience with Fiverr as a seller. I was contacted by a buyer who was not sure how can I help her but all she knows was she wanted to publish an article in one of the Elsevier Journal. She even didn’t know which journal she wanted to publish with.
I reviewed her manuscript wether was it publishable or not? and found that manuscript was incomplete. Then I suggested her to find the best matching journal first and then write her manuscript according to that particular journal’s author’s guidelines. I suggested several services which I can provide her with.

After asking her if she wanted my services for finding a list of best matching journals for her manuscript. She agreed to purchase a list of best matching journals and I offered her a custom offer for that. She accepted and I delivered her with all the mentioned services.

The order was auto-completed and then she came up with new demand that I proofread her manuscript as I have not provided her with the all mentioned services. I told her I have provided you with all the mentioned information exchange of offer screenshot happened. Then she didn’t ask me again about this and came up with a review stating " Great work" with 3.7-star ratings. She played smartly and decreased my overall rating significantly.

Is there any way to if she can change review or ratings for me? if yes please suggest or I have to ask here through CS.

Secondly, is there any option that buyer can give ratings and review after clearance of payments?

Waiting eagerly to hearing from you.

Muhammad Numan


I asked CS about that once. Here was their reply.

A buyer has 10 days to leave a review once the order is accepted or autocomplete.

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Thank you for your response.