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Editing the Fiverr Gigs

I edited my gig several times.
How does it impact on gig ranking?
Frequently edited gig is better or never edited gig is better?


Everytime you edit your gig, it will be taken off the search results, so it can be reviewed.

Usually, it takes around 48 hours to be reinstated.

So, by all means always try to improve your gigs and fix mistakes, but do it less often as it will hurt potential sales, especially when you don’t have a steady stream of sales.


I edited my gig and instantly I found my gig on the same page same location on my category?
Does it mean reinstatement is completed for my edited gig?

Um, maybe if you clear your cache and cookies on your browser you will see a new set of results?

Other than that, I don’t know what to tell you.

Unless you are a part of Fiverr’s success program, gigs are manually reviewed upon each edit.

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Thank you for your kind information.
I have a further but the last query.
Does it happens the same thing (taking 48 hrs), if I newly set a gig?

No, there’s no manual review when you publish a gig for the first time.

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Hmm, @frank_d can I ask you where did you get “48 hours check time” info? I edited my gigs many times and they’re always back on search results in max 4 hours. Maybe I’m just lucky, but 48 hours seems really too much for small changes. :slight_smile:

I said, “up to 48 hours”.

As in, it can easily be just 4 hours.


Yea, I know, I just wanted to know where did you get that info as I couldn’t find it anywhere.

There’s no official document stating that if that’s what you are asking.

It’s something that came up as an average when after countless posts about it came up in the forum and wus sellers started comparing down times.

Feel free to search the forum, there are dozens of threads.

Thanks, yea, I’m pretty active on the forum so I know those discussions, but I thought you had some official document about that. Thanks anyway.

I am not Fiverr staff.

Maybe you should contact CS if you really want to know.

You’re welcome.

Editing gig is very important for your fiverr account
Fiverr says edit your gig frequently, that means you have to edit your gig on regular basis that means once in a week.
If you edit it very frequently buyers will not be able to find your gig
Or if you will not edit it that will also adversely affect your orders.
So all you have tot do is edit the gig but only when it is needed.

I know, you’re not. Chill, I was just checking if you have some confirmed info, don’t take it so strictly. :smiley: Here’s a beer for you: :beers:

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Thank you for your information. it can be easily just 6 hours.