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Editorial focus and the same rules for everyone

I just had a gig taken down that has made me thousands of dollars over the last three years. I was told by Fiverr “We took a look at your issue and here is what we found. Your Gig or service that you are offering is not currently in our Editorial focus, therefore, it was denied by our Trust and Safety Team.” it doesn’t really make sense what do they mean by Editorial focus.It just seems to me that fiverr is treating me unfairly, I spent 3 years building the feedback and hundreds of people have the same gig and they are not getting the same punishment and now I cant even look over what my gig looked like and refresh myself on my wording. I can’t just go make another gig similar in another category and have it do as well because it takes years to gain that many stars and positive feedback on a gigs page.This is literally so cruel like a slap in the face.

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They haven’t been caught yet, probably.

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You are right sir. I totally agree

sad to know that,
you should knock again FIVERR help team,
apparently only they can solve this issue :frowning: :frowning_face:

Editorial focus is a legitimate thing, there are category editors/directors who are tasked to follow it and clean things up. It doesn’t necessarily mean that gigs like the one that was removed are not allowed at all, fiverr just may want less of them on the platform at the moment.

A bunch of “entertainment” gigs and categories were removed back when the Pro category was created, for instance.

I’m sorry that it happened but you seem to have a lot of other gigs fiverr wants. I do think that fiverr should be more specific on what the issue is. And probably give people an advance warning so they could update/fix the issue if possible.

What was your gig? Possibly giving us the gist of what you do/did might lead to some answers?

Editorial focus, is another way of saying, what you were doing wasn’t in Fiverr’s best interests and possibly even damaging their image/PR.