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Editors: Weird Microsoft Word Glitch

I’m hoping a fellow editor can help me out here. I use track changes in Word for most of my editing jobs, and I’ve noticed lately that if the document is heavily edited (like if there’s an edit in every paragraph), when I delete a word, the entire freaking paragraph shows up in the margin, but when I hover over it with my mouse, it shows the single word I deleted. It’s annoying and causing everything to lag in the document and force opening the Review Pane, which adds another element that slows everything down.

I’m using Microsoft Word for Mac, v. 16.12, on an iMac running High Sierra with 24GB of RAM. I can run multiple Adobe programs at once without lag, but for some reason, Microsoft Word just doesn’t want to work right.

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Microsoft and Mac don’t really work that well together, I say this from expience, used to have a mac and dear lord was running anything from Microsoft hell on it.


I know, but there’s no way around it. :frowning: I find that Adobe programs work better, and I honestly use InDesign more than Word these days, but you’d think they’d fix this glitch. Right after I wrote this post, I went back to editing, and the paragraphs showing up suddenly stopped. So annoying!

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