EDU & Gov Linkbacks


I notice the are hundreds of gigs offering these types of links. I’m in the market to get some but I don’t want rubbish links that do little or even affect my quality rank in Google. I would have thought on Fiverr the would be a few students or people who have access to high grade edu sites. Can anyone recommend someone ? even better if you can prove their work.


I would be wary about buying massive amount of these links

There are indeed lots of sellers here on Fiverr selling these types of packages whilst the package may look genuine, it may cause you a few problems down the line. There are a few blog platforms out there that use .gov or .edu domains but there trust and authority, in many folks opinion, isn’t the same as your typical websites that use these extensions.

Typically a genuine .gov or .edu website will have thousands , if not millions, of links pointing back to it. Take ‘The White House’ website it has over 50 million back links pointing back at it. Something which a standard blog would never achieve.

If you all of a sudden got 100 links from .edu and .gov domains, would this look natural? No – I can guarantee your going to be staring down the barrel of a Google Penalty

Just my 2 cents worth, but it’s up to you :slight_smile:

Bye for now


Yep I know all that but thanks anyway.

I’m just looking for one or a few such links, the problem I have is my main competitor for a keyword is lacking in every department against my site, yet they rank higher and the only difference I can see is they have a EDU backlink.

So it’s really just a test to see if I get such a link it might make the difference with this keyword and push up others too.


I know a great SEO provider here but he only delivers social media links. Drop me a PM if you’d like to know who.


I don’t want social media links I have enough of those.