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Education pending review

I tried to contact support, but I keep “encountering an error.” I’ve been a member since June of last year, but noticed that under “Education” on my profile, my degree is “pending review.” How long does that take? Does that mean no one sees that I have an English degree? It could be helpful in getting me some short editing gigs. Thanks!

Nobody sees your Education until CS “approves it” or does something.

No idea how long it takes, but I submitted to CS a few months ago and they haven’t fixed it, although they did respond with a “someone is looking into it…” type message.

I first updated my degree info almost a year ago, and haven’t been able to get an answer on why it’s still pending. (It took me 8 months to notice it was still pending…)

Post a ticket to client support. If enough of us do that, they may fix it at some point.

I would not worry about it for the moment, as Lisa says above it seems like a common issue.
Secondly, as a buyer, I disregard education claims when buying as there are so many who lie that I think it is worthless right now. Instead, focus on the skills which are shown on your profile. Buyers also have the option to endorse you for these skills when they are reviewing and if that doesn’t make a difference already then I am sure Fiverr will make it happen at some point. I could see endorsements being counted sooner than education anyway as the skills are endorsed by people who have experienced your services whereas education will be very difficult to actually verify - if it ever happens - as the site is basically anonymous.


I spoke with CS about this a while ago. They explained that “pending review” is because the degrees aren’t verified yet. Fiverr verifies degrees by counting how many people claim they have particular degrees from particular schools. So unless a group of other people also claim they have the same degree as you (from the same school), it will probably never get verified. I would guess if you’re a TRS they’d probably add it in manually.

The person from CS recommended I pick a degree that would show up that’s “closest” to what I actually have. :confounded:

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Okay, thanks. I could just always keep it on my description like it is, and if people want to look me up, they’ll find plenty of information. I don’t really do much here, but thought it might help bring me a few new clients, especially since I’ll be unemployed this summer. I get what y’all are saying about people posting false information; I don’t often think about things like that. I’m not brave enough to lie about such things. :slight_smile:

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