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LOL…after Brexit, EExit (England Exit)…England do Brexit all over again and quit the Euro 2016 after losing to a nation of 330,000 people. Now I understand how much they hate Europe :smiley:

LOL…there are probably more professional and semi-professional footballers in England than there are people in Iceland. English Premier League makes more money from ads than Iceland’s GDP. There are more English football fans in France right now, to cheer for their team, (and now mourning) than the entire population of Iceland…I could go on…LOL…

They quit Euro 2016 because of Brexit? But why? I haven´t read the news. Too much news about Brexit lately.

It was a joke! They are out of the Euro 2016 because they lost to Iceland.

I’m sure there’s plenty of other things that Shittania can exit from as it slides into obscurity…

I always looked up to England as the island land that ruled the world at one time. English settlers had the guts to cross the Atlantic in wooden ships for the wilds of a new continent 400 years ago, and it was their courage and desire for freedom from control from a distant king which made them form our great country, with much thought and altruism to make as close to an ideal democracy as they could create. No country but England could have given birth to America.

Back then English people occupied some countries. But at least they were better than the Dutch. They at least gave education to the people whose countries they occupied. But the Dutch, oh man, they just enslaved the people (people of countries they occupied) and took everything (sooo disgusting) and they didn´t give education.

And we won’t even mention the Spanish!

In America they quickly realized they had to cut ties with England. A ragged band of struggling colonists declared war on the most powerful country on earth, much to the amazement of the king— and by some miracle, won the battle, even though England had the best equipped military.

England was plundering the little colonies in N. America, just as it did in other places.

I don´t believe in miracle (but this is just me). My point in my previous comment is that some (I don´t wanna say ˝all˝ because I believe not all countries are like that) big developed countries were build by shedding other people´s and even their own people´s blood. I hate wars, I hate slaveries. I don´t fancy greedy people.