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Effect by deleting my first GIG


I have some question as a beginner. SO plz can you reply on each of this the experience fiverr rider. :slight_smile:

as a new i created my first gig 7 days ago not 100% correctly, the impression was 200 on first 2days with 10 click, now next 4 days no click. The main think is i changed the videos and reshuffle the tags as well as on third day.

Ques 1 : did the gig had a trouble due to change of the videos and reshuffling of TAGS ?
Ques 2 : Should i delete the first GIG right now?
Ques 3 : is there any effect on my profile for future if i delete the first GIG anyhow?
Ques 4 : So TAGS can be reshuffle anytime without ques effecting on impression and click ?
Ques 5 : Last but not least the question is that i input 5 tags in the gig, all are in a same way, later on 4 are showing on published GIG, why one tag not exposed after published?

Thanks all of you share your experience.


create new gig and not edit gig content or gig keyword


The Fiverr algorithm is a secret. Many of your questions, no one can answer, because no one knows.

1: Maybe.
2: No.
3: Not enough data.
4: Please rephrase the question?
5: It’s either a bug or a Fiverr-imposed restriction.


don,t worry. remove your fast gig is no problem. research your service, gig image, description, title, and tag. then create your SEO friendly gig. thank you


Ques 4 : So TAGS can be reshuffle anytime without effecting on impression and click ?

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Brother, thanks for your info, are you sure that the deleting new GIG wont effect on the next GIG , and next GIG will work as usual?
Actually i worried that i revised my last GIG for couple of times, i did not know that title SEO and TAGS are related each other.


That’s not rephrasing the question.
What do you mean by “reshuffle”? If you mean the order the tags are in, then NO, that has no known weight. If you mean editing the gig to put them in a different order, then maybe.

Any time a gig is edited, it’s removed from the search while the changes are evaluated by Fiverr. Thus: ALL edits affect search result placement.

No one knows how the Fiverr algorithm works.

Please see: Impressions aren't all that important. Here's why:

well, thanks for your quick reply.
actually i add 5 tags and shown 4 in fiverr after publishing the GIG, thats why i removed the tags and rearrange those 5 TAGS again.
So worried whether my title SEO and TAGS are mismatched or not.


Yes. I am sure because of this problem I already face.