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Effect of cancelled order

Hi Fiverr Community!

I just want to share some experience I recently got. This month I got pretty lucky with my sales and somehow my top selling gig got on Fiverr’s front page. I was so happy and received a lot of messages and some orders.

But than a bad thing happened - someone ordered this best selling gig with a lot of extras, for 120 bucks, and it had not had any sense, because those extras repeated each other. Straight after that my buyer requested cancellation, which I had to submit. When I tried to check that person’s profile, he was blocked already.

But anyhow he achieved his goal, my sales fell down and now I’m back to normal slow-motion activity. Fiverr is improving, but still there are situations like this one and sellers can be harassed even by their competitors. I believe that person was a same product seller and he created a new account just to screw my sales. I know there is information that order cancellation doesn’t affect your sales, but it actually always happens.

Thanks for reading this much.