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Effect of changing tags

Hi there!
I have been a member of fiverr sellers for 4 months. I got some orders on my first gig. my gig was continuously getting better in the ranking and it appeared on the 3rd page within 2 weeks of gig creation in wordpress niche with Wordpress Website Design. But sadly it started going down and it came to the 6th page and it became stable there. It is when I made the mistake of changing the tags of my gig.
Which led my gig to pending status. So I contacted the Fiverr Support and they helped me with it. Now it is on the 10th page.
The conclusion of this story is that decide the tags by thorough searching and take your time in making the gig. Once the gig is made refrain from changing the tags. If you didn’t knew about the how to insert tags them after discussing it on fiverr forum and keep checking your gigs status whether or not its status is changed to pending.
This is what I experienced and I wanted to share it with you guys so that you don’t have to go through this.
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Thank you for reading the whole message

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Thanks for your concern .

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thanks for ur knowledge . it will help us to not damage our gigs

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