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Effect of social media

Anyone can suggest me, which social media is much impactful for shearing Fiverr Gig??


If you read this thread you will see that advertising on social media is pointless. It has no impact.


I’m going to channel my inner Jonbaas here and say the medium your target audience is most likely to visit.

Although, passive sharing doesn’t seem to be a very effective marketing strategy for most sellers. That’s why Eoin wrote this short marketing guide.


Someone else who is no longer on the forum but who wrote some excellent posts.


I also like what @looseink said in this thread about posting on Social Medial

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@mahabubulhoq check inbox. Thanks :wink:



Very good analysis in regards to social media effectiveness. Don’t you think @looseink Linkedin users could need the service that we are offering in Fiverr? Because most of the services are involved with business what we are offering through Fiverr!!! Therefore business people could needed these service!!! is not it?

I have never advertised anywhere. Yet, I have many Fiverr Business buyers and Fiverr VID buyers. Not one of them came from Social Media Advertising. And as @eoinfinnegan said it only works if you understand the market and where to advertise.

Here is another good read from the aforementioned @jonbaas. I do miss seeing him here.


It doesn’t affect your rank or anything. Not just spamming everywhere but selling on social like a real business helps. You find your client then for a payment method and contract use a fiverr. Just people visiting your profile really doesn’t affect that much.

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I think Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin best platforms. You can share your gigs in this platforms.

I don’t promote myself on Social Media anymore.

Here’s why:

On Twitter…many of my followers are bots. They don’t spend money.

I the words of @looseink:

On Facebook…many of my followers are friends. They don’t need my service.

On LinkedIn…many of my followers are business professionals. None of them need my services.

On Instagram…many of my followers are friends. They don’t need my services.

Do you see a pattern here?

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