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Effect on Fiverr gig ranking

Dear Friends,

Please let me discuss and share your experiences, if i am on vacation,

what will the effect on Gig ranking and what was the exact solution for this problem,

Same if we are busy on other work and not have sufficient time on Fiverr Marketing,


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It will hamper your gig ranking for sure, and will take time to be in the rank when come back @vaishali_r

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on same situation what is the proper solution to stay on ranking.

There is no “proper” solution. If you are not working you can not expect fiverr to keep your gig on the same ranking lying to people that you can take their orders while you are on vacation.

You can raise your prices and hope that no one will place an order but modifying your gig also might remove it from the search for some time.


Hi Vaishali

I don’t think we have solution to this query…No substitute for work.

You found solution.Pls share

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