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Effective Communication Helps You Win and Keep Clients

Effective communication is too often neglected in the world of freelancing. I’ve used Fiverr as both a freelancer and a buyer and found the level of inadequate communication to be frightening. Online freelancing already provides a communication barrier since we’re restricted to communicating via messaging boards. Breaking down that barrier as best as possible differentiates top freelancers from mediocre freelancers. The following tips can help you communicate with clients effectively. When you communicate effectively, you’ll get happy clients. Happy clients will promote your services and encourage others to hire you as well. It really is a win-win situation.

Tip #1: Respond within 24 Hours

Life can be very hectic. However, if you’ve signed up to be a freelancer, responding to messages in a timely manner is mandatory. This is especially true if you’re already working on a project. The client is depending on you to get the job done. Your work may even play a crucial role in getting other things done for the client’s business. Respond. Even if it’s to say that things are a bit hectic and you’ll respond within the next 24 hours. Just say something and follow through.

Tip #2: Don’t Over Promise and Under Deliver

There should be no disparity between what your gig says you offer and what you actually offer. The client is ordering your gig because they believe you can get the job done. Make your service offerings explicit in your gig’s description. Leave no room for misinterpretation. If you realize early on that you can’t get the job done, request for an order cancellation so that they buyer can move on to someone else.

Tip #3: Stop Taking Too Many Orders!!!

Fiverr allows you to put a stop limit on the amount of orders for each of your gigs. When the gig shave reached their order limits, they won’t be visible for clients to make more orders. Utilize the feature. It’s the only way to get around people being able to order your gig without first contacting you. If you don’t use the feature, you’ll find that you become overburdened with too many orders. This will result in you probably missing messages from clients and will ultimately lead to their dissatisfaction. Know your limit and work within that limit.


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