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Effective replies to buyer requests

Hello! This question is for those who spend a lot of time on buyer request section (as a seller).

You all know that buyer requests are not shown all the time and even when they do, they merely last for 2 whole minutes. When you refresh the page, it says no requests found. Based on these two factors, my few inter-related questions are :

It is advised not to use the same request for each buyer request and the ideal buyer request is the one which is tailored and specific to the brief provided by the buyer in the description. Now, how can I write a 60-70 worded passage which is written in accordance with client’s brief plus specifying the deliverable items too (in the lower menu) in just 120 seconds?

When I reply to the offer by clicking ‘send’, that particular buyer request window closes and the page refreshes, and then that offer is gone. However, I can see my reply in the ‘sent offers’ section. So my question is, did that buyer receive my offer? Or have I just wasted my one of the ten offers for the day?

Even if I reply to the offer on time and that buyer request stays on the page after the refresh, it is already filled with 70-80 offers. If my offer is this behind, the buyer probably won’t even see my offer. Is there any way I can end up being one of the earliest responders while making my offer tailored to the description and not using a pre-made template?

Or is it like if there are already, let’s say, 5 offers on a request and I click on it to MAKE my offer too, would I be the 6th one that buyer will see? Or buyer will see it after the ones who already have SUBMITTED their offers.

Please answer these questions in details. Thank you.


Interesting questions. I have the same doubts as you do. I always take the time to check out the attached files some potential buyers post with their requests, in order to make the offer tailored to the description, but as you said, this takes some time (less than a minute though) plus the time you spend writting your offer. Sometimes I’ve managed to send it within the first 5 to 9 offers, but there has been occasions in which I send it and the request has already dissappear. So I would also like to know how to be faster in writing offers (not templates), or this is just something that you earn with time and experience.


You don’t need to - if you click the send offer button and send the offer, even after others have submitted, the buyer will get the offer.

If you can see your offer in sent offers then the Buyer has received it.

You would be surprised how many responses buyers look through. I know Logo design gets lots of offers but I work in SEO and this niche gets just as many offers. I send customized offers to any buyer request I send - there is no point sending a non-customized generic template response as it won’t get an answer.
When I send responses to SEO requests I ensure I explain how my service works to meet the need of the buyer. I know that to find my response there are buyers who must have gone through 50+ responses. There are so many rubbish offers that can be quickly deleted that it doesnt take as long as you would think.
I remember sending a Buyer Request and getting about 100 replies - it took 10 mins to get rid of 90 of them which were not useful at all. Then there were another 8 that were not suitable and then finally the last two tried to change the quoted price (double and triple the price) after sending the offer. So out of 100 replies, I got zero good offers and so I went looking again and found someone through search. If you are going to spend time on creating an offer then don’t worry about how many offers there are already is what I am saying.

I am not sure about that but I would say it is only when you Submitted it. It doesn’t make sense any other way. However, as I said above - focus on the quality of the offer instead of the number they receive.

In some ways it is better to not be first - if a buyer reads through 50 stupid and useless replies then reads your well written and thoughtful offer, they are likely to contact you immediately. If they read yours first, they might try all the others then to see if there is a better one!

Just to point out - I reply to approx 10 Buyer requests per week and usually get 5-7 of them. I don’t send offers to every request as too many are time-wasting buyers. Focus on the buyers that sound like a good match for you.


About more than 60% of your orders will come through buyer requests so never ignore them. Sent offers means, the offer is delivered. Coming back to your question, you should take your time while reading the details and looking at the attachments because on the basis of those two you can write the description.
Things you should keep in your mind while writing a description:

  1. Keep them short, should be in good English (use Grammarly, it helps a lot).
  2. Always write the same thing every time just change requirements. For eg. Hi, I will design an event flyer according to your requirements. Please check my gig for design samples and feel free to contact me anytime.
    Just enough description to convince the buyer that you went through all of the details.
  3. Keep the budget slightly lower, keep the delivery time same or maybe a day lesser for what the buyer is asking for.
  4. Always describe the no. of revisions you’ll offer, never take them as optional. Because these things are what buyer compare with other offers.

Sadly, you’re going to be compared with reviews of your fellow sellers and what level they’re on. But still, you can at least get an inquiry from the buyer. There’re some categories where there is lesser competition and some have more.

You just have 10 offers per day, so use them wisely. People who send offers without reading the whole detail have lesser chances of getting any response from the buyer.


Well written and very thoroughly explained with proper depth and insight. I appreciate you took your time out to clear out my queries. All questions cleared, thanks a lot!

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Great suggestions, will surely keep them in mind while replying to any offer next time, thank you!

Well written and thought out questions which are not too common on the forum deserve a thought out answer.
I also like to encourage people who are responding to buyer requests the right way.
Best of luck


thanks, wish you all the luck as well!