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Effectiveness of different methods of gig advertising

How different methods of gig advertising work for you? Express your opinion in the comment section :wink:

Yesterday I started working on my social media advertisement and found out that it is way more hard than it looks. I started facebook ad campaign which I consider now most effective of gig advertising methods.

I joined fiverr related facebook groups but I decided that it’s not worth it as on this type of groups all I see is sellers spamming with their gigs, probably no one really from this 100k groups intend to buy something. Same with other facebook groups where you can offer service, they all just have spammy posts without any point. And on quality groups you can’t advertise so It is not really effective at all also.

About advertising gig on blog or any other website im also very sceptic. We have some behaviour in internet like banner blindness which basically means that from 1000 visitors on your website if 10 people are gonna click ad then it’s success, as very low amount of people even notices ads now.

My Gig Social Views after 0,66$ spent on facebook ads yesterday


Really Helpful. Gig advertisement is much effective.

Getting people to see your gig isn’t really difficult - finding people who want to buy it is the tricky part.


Yes it’s just a views statistic. Probably half of them clicked just for curiosity and other half was looking for something else :wink:

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Very True… Facebook groups are not at all helpful for marketing gigs.

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