Effects of Canceling an order!


After sending few weeks on Fiverr, I took my time to browse through other sellers gigs “even does not related to my niche” and I keep asking myself “do this sellers complete each and every single order been made by buyers on their gigs”?, does canceling an order mean anything?. Because as I know having a negative feedback or poor rating can take you gig down and shows CLEARLY on your profile and related gig. Now my experienced or top rated sellers, if I should get an order that is not worth the price or asked to complete a task not listed in my GIG description and I go ahead an have a mutual agreement with buyer to cancel order, does it has an effect on my rating, ranking, and status???


Being a new seller, you shouldn’t cancel orders as that can stop your levelling process and yes, a high cancellation rate does affect your ranking.


Really? How so?


How many cancelled order make a “High cancellation rate”?