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Efffect of Rating on Buyer

I see that the reviews and rating on Fiverr only affect the seller. But what if the buyer does not have a good character, doesn’t the rating from the seller also supposed to affect the buyer?

I think this should be applicable to the buyers to…I have come across some buyers that think they are the lord on Fiverr and nothing can touch them and because of this, they victimize the seller.

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You’re correct, sellers rating are currently pretty useless and they’re not shown in buyers profiles. But in my case if someone contact me for bigger order, I check him out with google (username + fiverr) and I see how sellers rated his previous orders. If I find out that he’s problematic, I simply give him nice offer that he can’t afford. :wink: But for smaller orders, you can’t say no to buyers, so rating system is pretty useless in most cases. :wink: It could help if many bad reviews from sellers would ban him from Fiverr, but he can easily create a new account, so no point in doing that. :wink:


You are right… As you pointed out, the reviews and rating should reflect in buyers’ profile as this will enable sellers to know the kind of buyer they are dealing with.

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Wow! Can’t believe I never thougt of this. Thanks for the tip!


There are some irregularities on Fiverr between how buyers and sellers are treated and this is another one. The balance will come back in favour of sellers eventually, but it might be a while yet.

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I really do not understand your point. But I understand from my experience on fiverr since February that Seller are always at the mercy of the sellers. I have not seen any form of measure to check the behaviours of some buyers so far.

Really, this is good point and solution you raise