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Egg Recipes Wanted

Could you guys give some simple instructions for preparing various dishes from eggs - very simple instructions. I am getting bored of boiling eggs all the time. Remember the recipes are for someone who has never cooked in his life, has no idea of the various cooking terminologies…


I love deviled eggs. After you boil them, and they are “hard boiled” meaning the texture is firm, you cut them in half lengthwise. Carefully remove the yokes into a bowl. Add a bit of mayonaise and a bit of mustard and a tiny bit of vinegar and a little salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly.
Then you spoon the mixture back carefully into the egg white halves. Chill them well.
I like them when you can definitely taste the vinegar. You can adjust the ingredients to your liking.


totally agreed just got a super boiled egg delivered a min ago

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Baked omelette:

Beat about 4 eggs per person
Mix in some veggies and chilli and spices and/or cheese (panneer would be fine)
Put in ovenproof dish.
Put oven on low (175C)
Bake 30-40 mins.


Beat eggs,
Add any ingredients you like
put in smallish frying pan with a bit of oil. cook on middling heat on stove top.
Cook one side then flip and do the other. Takes about 10 mins.

scrambled eggs with stuff in (or not)

Same as for omelette but you can keep stirring it in the pan so it’s not solid like an omelette.



  1. Boil the eggs.
  2. Cut them into 2 parts at the middle.
  3. Take out the egg yolk.
  4. Mix it with all the stuff.
  5. Divide the egg yolk into two parts, put them into the egg whites
  6. Put them into the fridge?
  7. Then eat?
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Sounds complicated, but will try it…

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I love omelettes too but they can be tricky to get so they are not over or undercooked. Having a slightly undercooked center rather than cooked to the point of being too hard is best in my opinion. It can take practice. We put crumbled previously cooked bacon, chopped onion, and cheddar cheese in them and sometimes chopped mushrooms.

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Yes that’s it. It’s easy but you need to add the ingredients carefully and taste as you do it the first time to get the amounts in the right proportions. Don’t overdo it with the ingredients, just a very small amount of each so they still taste like the egg yokes, but better. Maybe a half teaspoon of the mayo and a quarter teaspoon of the mustard and a few drops of the vinegar, and taste to see how it is, then a little more if you need to.


dead simple. Do the scrambled eggs. You basically just beat 'em, put 'em in a pan and stir 'em until they’re cooked. You’ll be fine. :slight_smile:


Yeah, scrambled eggs and deviled eggs will do for now. Thanks guys, 2 recipes are enough for me, more and I will get confused.


I put a tablespoon or two of milk in the beaten eggs before I cook them in a skillet with an oil or butter coating so they don’t stick. They are great with some cheese in them as they cook also.

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I don’t like milk in my omelettes and scrambled eggs but I do make cheesy scrambled eggs for lunch fairly often. With chilli, if you hadn’t guessed :slight_smile:

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We want pictures!


I can’t picture someone in India eating deviled and scrambled eggs for some reason, after dining in Indian restaurants. You guys in India have tea that is from the Gods! My Indian friend has her relatives send her tea and it is nothing like anything I’ve tasted here.

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I hate tea, can’t stand it, but can’t live without coffee.

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Souffle! Shakshuka! fry 'em up sunny side up! Fritatta! (Spanish) Tortilla! Greek potato omelette (don’t try this, only ancient little old Greek ladies make this work)! Quiche! Tea eggs! Egg salad (for sandwiches)! Egg and chips (fries)! Microwaved egg!

I could go on. Most of these are pretty basic. I also have some more advanced egg stuff like the Greek avgolemono (egg-lemon) sauce, but much like making your own mayonnaise, it requires some knowledge of emulsion. But if you would learn that, you could learn MAYONNAISE! and a whole bunch of weird Greek food with avgolemono as the star.

I usually just chop up a bunch of veg, fry them untl they’re cooked to my liking then toss some eggs in then mix it all up until it looks done. Or, if I’m really lazy, fry potatoes until cooked, toss them in a pan, and mix it all up without a care in the world for finesse.

If you really can’t cook/don’t have time/can’t be bothered, get some bread. Put cheese in bread. Eat. Slowly metamorphize into Jabba the Hutt.

PS: don’t forget your spices. Freshly-ground black pepper and egg is very good, especially with salt. Being Indian, you’ll want a bit more flavor than that. chilli power, garam masala and a dash of cumin and coriander (powder).

Try the souffle first. Ideally, put on a YT video of Gordon Ramsey yelling at people for their shit souffles so you feel targeted and are even more likely to screw it up. Film yourself doing all this and stick it on YT with a clickbaity title like, IDK, “Gordon Ramsey screams at clueless Indian souffle-maker!”


Or invent the world’s first cofee omelette. This is your time to shine! Be sure to give it an exotic Eastern name so you sucker in a bunch of gullible westerners into trying it too.


You confused the hell out of me…remember I said “simple instructions”…

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I tried making a souffle once and it was a disaster.


I’ve never tried making a souffle. I’d have to clean the oven door first anyway lol.

Crepes are the fun things to make.