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Egregious Reviews Left by a Disgruntled Seller on My Amazon Account

For anyone who is using this seller https://Fragglesrock would be very very careful. She/He/It has left egregious reviews on my Amazon account after I had told her I didn’t want to work with her anymore. I told her to leave me alone and not contact me and she decided to leave me a 1 star review on my product. If you’re an Amazon Seller you know what this can do to sales.

At this point, I am having Amazon investigate this account, and will have it terminated and will be submitted numerous letters to Fiverr for this behavior.

When someone says they speak English and then does not understand your directions, we have a problem. I do not choose to work with anyone who does not have an excellent command of the english language.

I also decide who and when I want to work with and why I want to work with them. I had previously told this person they need to get their English language skills up to par and they blamed me.

As a buyer and a client, I am blown away at the LACK OF INTEGRITY of Fiverr for allowing this to happen, and the idea they have no support that will immediately take care of an account that does this is beyond comprehension.

This person should not be allowed to sell on Fiverr and I am making sure that any and all accounts associated with this person on Amazon are terminated.

Jonbaas is correct, if it violates the Amazon TOS, then it violates the rules of Fiverr. Also be careful not to call out users on the forums, you risk getting banned.

You might want to try to address this user issue with Fiverr CS through their ticketing system:

Fiverr Customer Support

I agree with much of what you said, but I will mention that Fiverr is just a provider of space essentially and sellers are responsible for their own ads. It is great that you are reporting the seller to Fiverr and Amazon and hopefully the account will be removed, but you also have to use some discretion, just as a tip. I would suggest always contacting a seller before buying. If their profile shows they are in an English-speaking country but they cannot communicate and their profile pic looks like a stock photo of a pretty girl, it’s probably not a good pick. There are still plenty of good sellers in a variety of countries that are honest, speak well, and will deliver a decent product.

I do reviews on amazon,

Just be careful you don’t mention to amazon that you paid for those reviews , it violates their t.o.s and could get your account deleted as well.

If you are looking for someone new. i am always available to do reviews in my native tongue (which is english) lol

Reply to @xmonster0:

I would recommend not even selling paid reviews on Amazon. That could get your gig(s) deleted here too. Fiverr is cracking down on sellers that sell social media likes/followers, or paid reviews on Amazon.

If it violates the TOS of Amazon, then it violates the rules of Fiverr.