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Electric outage in my area?

I had a stupid electric outage in my area so I was not able to deliver an order I had - it eventually turned late obviously. The buyer cancelled the order an it left me an automatic negative review.
I emailed Fiverr about my situation, anyone had a similar situation to mine?

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you should contact the buyer instead of CS and tell him about your problem.

Thats unfortunate. Fiverr would never consider any issues that hurts an buyer.
We understand your issue but you should talk to the buyer at first

I had the same thing happen and came back just in time to get the deadline extended but it was still a late delivery. Customer support said they couldn’t do anything about it. Since then I’ve had very few sales aside from repeat clients.

I have only delivered slightly late about twice in five years. It seems like it was a death notice to my sales. I kept getting a notice at the top of my page about “how to not have late deliveries”, as if it was a severe problem and I needed guidance about it.


This happened to me several times, luckily my buyers can be reasoned with. In the end I decided the only solution was to buy a ups and a small generator just incase.

Funilly enough, I’ve just today been flooded for the second time this month. Thankfully, I still have my electricity this time. A couple of weeks ago, though I was without power and Internet for almost 5 days and despite trying to cancel an order, the buyer canceled it for me.

Personally, I wouldn’t even think of asking Fiverr to remove such feedback. These things just happen and in my case, I’m the one to blame really. I keep doing this insane thing where whenever I can’t really work due to flying to the UK or moving house or having 5 days having to work on a crappy tablet at my local cafe because I have no power at home, I convince myself that I can manage just fine without hitting the vacation button and what do you know… Everything goes to hell in a handbasket.

Maybe I’ll learn my lesson next time…

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