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Elegant, responsive web design, is there a demand?


I’ve obviously been looking at the current gigs and the most popular gigs for web design are landing pages/wordpress sites created for $5 - $74.

Is there a demand for genuine bespoke hand coded responsive websites that of a very high standard and original looking? the type of websites that major brands would have, or would I be wasting my time on Fiverr competing with designers that sell websites for a few bucks?

Do business owners not care if templates are used, as long as the site looks OK?

Type of websites I design compare with freelance web designers here in the UK that sell to business owners for 1-4 grand, but am I going to have a hard time selling these type of websites on here, considering other gigs are selling websites for a few dollars?

Be good to hear some feedback.

sounds like you already know the answer to your own question.

True! I think thats why I created an advert and then put it on pause as I don’t want to waste my time competing with sellers that make generic websites for a few $

One thing to remember is that this website is v popular with internet marketers. The type that haven’t hit the big time (and statistically won’t, but shh) but need a new website for every niche. If I were you, I’d target those clients. You seem to have more marketing savvy than most WP designers (etc) here, so you’d just need a targeted gig etc to start seeing results.

It’s worth remembering that the pay might be crummy v big ticket stuff, but it all adds up in the end. Additionally, you could retain design rights and potentially gain new clients through browers who like your design (with an extra to remove that link. So it’s a $200 (max) payday for anon theme, or potential drip of new leads).

Emma its definitely a challenge, competing against WP “designers” (apologies if I offend anyone)! I myself am classed as a start up, literally in the process of seeking my first clients and when I browse google, viewing websites of wordpress designers with a long list of clients, it’s met with rage, shaking of the head and then laughter!

But you are right, I need to target a specific group of potential customers and find my niche, while it would be nice to find clients on these freelance websites, as I know my work is excellent. I thoroughly test every website I design to meet my customers expectations (I got carried away there with sales talk!).

So i’ll take a back seat for now and rethink my strategy!

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Ah, don’t overthink it, just implement new strategies while you’re doing the old stuff. If the new stuff works it’ll be obvious and you can ditch the rest! My advice: join the warrior forumm JVZoo and similar and just chat, make friends and you’ll soon pick up some longstanding clients.

Both are snake pits filled with idiots that make Fiverr look like a cakewalk, mind. The good news is that they’re easy to spot! My point is really just that anyone can be a WP designer (if anyone is offended, that must mean they know they’re shit) so it’s all about the positioning and the type of work you want/are prepared to do.

I am looking for what you are talking about but how would I know that you are good at it and dependable? That’s the problem.

That’s a fair question, as unfortunately the web design industry is full of “designers” that posses little customer service skills, they have a lack of respect for other people and what happens is they take on a project and completely let down their clients.

As for if I’m good? Well I’m not one to boast but I design outstanding websites. Some web designers out there have a cheek calling their work beautiful, as anyone can drop two blocks together with a nice colour scheme, add an image and call that beautiful, that’s just lazy design.

What I do, is create a website from scratch, I design the entire website based around your logo, colour scheme, your vision, your business, you understand? it is your website, I am merely the designer that brings your vision to reality.

My websites are also 100% responsive, I own development software (not dreamweaver rubbish or wordpress), software that adds no proprietary coding, allows me to manually code, while set breakpoints, meaning I test your website on all devices making adjustments to ensure it flows as expected, while all my sites pass googles mobile testing.

This is why I’m seeking work as a designer (not just online) as the template industry is responsible for generic websites taking over the internet, business owners believe they can design a professional website using online builders, but design is a talent.

Why allow your business to look cheap,generic, when instead you can hire a passionate professional to design your website, a website that won’t become outdated in 1, 2, 3 years?

…oh dear, i got carried away again with the sales talk!

Thanks, but it still didn’t answer my question. I still don’t know.

Once my gig is active I will upload examples of my work and a short video. If you aren’t impressed then you may need your eyes tested :slight_smile:

All jokes aside, I will send you a message to let you know when the gig is active.

that would be spamming :slight_smile: don’t do that…

OK! Better brush up on the rules!

Just report it here on the forum instead of sending me a message.

That’d be interesting. A website for $5.