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Elements of Discourage!


Hi All,
I would like you to share what you guys think that discourages new sellers to leave fiverr in beginning.
I would like to share that when i submit offers i think that he/she is gonna look at it or not mean there are other experienced ones and the buyer will not even look at a request of newbie that’s what i think.


I understand your request to have us tell you what we think keeps sellers from taking action here on Fiverr (this is a reasonable discussion topic), but I have no idea what the rest of your comments mean.

Are you asking for our ideas/content, so that you can steal them and use them to make yourself successful? If so… then, sorry, I cannot help you.


Hello @chrismateo Please rephrase your post so that we can understand your comment.


sorry sir I have not even thought of that to steal something from other members i am just me and yes you 're right i asked to share what are the factors that discourages new sellers to leave fiverr in their beginning.


I understand now.

You’ll never know if a buyer reviews your bid and I think it should remain like that.

It really depends on your attitude. If you join Fiverr with the intent of making real money, you’ll have a chance at making money. And vice versa. Remember, you’re the only one that’ll make yourself successful.

Best of luck.