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Eligibility for promoting Gig

So here i am just want to know what is the eligibility for a GIG to be promoted through Fiverr Gig Promotion ? Can new gigs created can also be promoted ?


No, they can’t. I have over 80 reviews, but because the gig which made those reviews has been paused (I paused it), my promotion offer no longer stands. I have heard that you have to have 13 5-star ratings before they will choose you for promotion.


I am a Level one seller. Can my gigs are eligible for promoted gigs?

When you activate your gig again, doesn’t you will be able to promote your gig again?
I have my promoted gig paused and when I activated it again, it can be promoted again.

Hopefully this help.

There is some requirement but I think it’s not implemented to all seller at now.
Maybe it will be in progress soon can be applied on more sellers.

You can find more info here :

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I am unsure. I have never done it myself.