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Em, Payoneer Just Gave me $50, anyone else?

Hey all,
This may sound like an ad or affiliate thing or something but it’s honestly not.

I started using Payoneer to make withdrawals here on Fiverr. All have been fine, I used it 3 times without any issues. Today I got an email saying “Thanks for using Payoneer, Here’s $50”.

I thought it was going to be the annoying thing of asking me to tell all my friends about it etc and get referral money but lo and behold, $50 has been added to my account, for nothing.

Might be worth checking out for you.

Seriously, it’s not an ad - just fact.

May be this is your referral earning. Nothing else

I have not done any referring.

I can’t stand payoneer.

Really? Why?

Sounds great! Maybe they will give it to me as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I have heard of 20 usd offer from payoneer for new users

Yes I also got that I found a mil on my spam folder.its a bonus of 100$ deposit/receive within 31 December.and you can find that in your Payoneer transaction activity.there it is as refferal bonus… :slight_smile:

U got 100 usd free from payoneer without doing anyhting?

Can anyone tell me how many days it takes for payoneer application to get processed?

Hi Eoin, my name is Nissim and I work for Payoneer.

I saw your query and wanted to clarify a few points about the promotion.

This is a recently-launched and official promotion between Payoneer and Fiverr.
The promotion offers you a bonus of $50 when you choose to receive at least $100 of Fiverr earnings through one of Payoneer’s payment solutions.
The promotion is valid until February 29th 2016

We hope this clarifies the promotion

Enjoy your gift and happy holidays

Nissim and the Payoneer Team.

I love payoneer :smiley:

just create account through refer link.give all document.wait.get and activate card.recharge.$100 you will get $25=$125 total

@beurasudip No I got 50$ reward for receiving 100$ within 31 december

So I would get another 50$ :slight_smile: :smiley:


  1. Is this only from Payoneer card? Or Payoneer bank transfer too?
  2. Is it every time I choose to receive at least $100 or just once?

They literally have the rudest and worst customer service I ever experienced in my life.

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@nissim_payoneer thanks for the information. I have never used payoneer but i will apply for a card.

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Thanks very much and same to you!

Can someone balance this out with the charges/penalties/not so great stuff about the Payoneer option? Not necessarily a horror story, just withdrawal charges, % for things and etc.

So far I have paid $3 per withdrawal and the exchange rate (to euro) has been within 1% of xe’s online exchange rate around the time.
I have heard some complaints about Payoneer from people here but have not experienced any here in 3 withdrawals. The post was asked in genuine curiosity as it’s obviously odd to get that money and I would also like to hear any negative experiences too. Have you had any/used them?