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Email account creation service


Is email account creation becoming a popular service now? This morning I saw 5 posts where sellers offered email account creation in Gmail, Yahoo etc.

Too complicated?
Is it really that complicated nowadays to create an email account yourself?

What about security?
If I’m running a business, then why would I want someone to create a Gmail account for me and then hand over my account credentials? I would have to change the password and probably account details later.
Not to mention giving access to my hosting company if I need an email linked to my own domain. In most cases users will be able to see your billing details(to some extent) through your host.

Delivery time
It takes about 2-3 minutes to create an email account. Even with express delivery I have to wait at least a couple of hours.

Why would I spend even $5 on email account creation if I can do it for free :slight_smile:
One might say that it takes time, but how many accounts do you need? An average business needs probably 3-4 emails (info, support, internal, sales and that’s about it).

What am I missing here? Or is it simply the class of 2017 “Get Rich on Fiverr” spamming the forum :slight_smile:


For what I understand, they offer to create several email accounts, from 50 up to 300/500 "for your business"

I bet that business calls “Spamming Co.”


I suppose you’re right. What kind of other business would need 300+ emails.


I don’t know if that varies per country, but here I think Google for instance limits account creation to 5 per phone number, so if you need many or really many email accounts… for whatever reason… these gigs might be cheaper and less fussy than buying and activating new sim cards with new phone numbers all the time? Not so easy to register new phone numbers without name/address or without fake ones everywhere either.


But that raises the security question. If I’m running a legit business then why would I register accounts with fake numbers or even worse, someone else’s number who can later potentially access it.
A business who needs this type of service is probably up to no good :slight_smile:


Of course you’d not use them as your main mail account if you got some grey matter but for throw away accounts it’s good enough I suppose and maybe even better if nobody can retrace them back to any account creation data of yours, or you trust the people selling them that they won’t take the account back. I wouldn’t buy one of those mail gigs, I’d invest in a new sim card if I need more than 5 Gmail :wink: but lots of email, gaming and other accounts do get sold and bought. It’s a risky business for the buyer, but so is playing the lottery. :slight_smile:

There are sites offering numbers to use to register mail accounts BTW, AFAIK you have to be very fast to get one Gmail will accept, it’s incredible to what effort some people go just to avoid real work :stuck_out_tongue: