Email address issue



I am the Fiverr seller, my service topic Amazon eBay and others e-commerce marketing and developing , in this case, need to access via email but email send is not ethical rules on Fiverr. already I lost my one gig, for this reason, what can I do please suggest me.

Thank you


can i share my email without any problem?


Yes you can share your email with your buyer but First take the order on Fiverr then send your email ,
Note: this email is only for Order purpose nothing Else :slight_smile:

Mod Note: Email should not be shared based on the opinion of another seller, but only after consulting with Customer Support.


No you can not share your email to buyer read the fiverr rules then you can easily understand


ONLY if exchange of details is necessary for you to complete the order, contact fiverr customer service and ask them to approve it on the relevant gig. Then you can get the details you need - only when it is required for that job. I would imagine most people wouldn’t just give you their email, they would create a user ID or login for you to complete the work?