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Email Addresses of NBA

I am struggling to find email addresses of NBA league team players. Kindly help.


This is a truly rare kind of face palm.

You are struggling to find the email addresses of NBA players, because they tend not to want people on Fiverr sending them unsolicited messages. Neither do they want people on Fiverr selling their contact details to people peddling garbage business and investment opportunities.

If you need NBA player addresses for your own marketing purposes, just stop. It’s not going to happen.

If you want NBA player email addresses to sell to a client cancel the order and get on with your life.


Tell your buyer you can’t help them and cancel the order.

I don’t know what is more unreasonable - them asking you to get the addresses or you agreeing to do it but it’s not going to happen.


I have spent a long time getting to know NBA stars and Hollywood A-Listers. They have come to rely on me for friendship and as a mentor in some ways. Celebrity life is not all it is made out to be and they miss the feeling of being “a normal person”. They really really want to receive spam emails from desperate people offering absolute nonsense with subject lines like “Amazing opportunity to make big monie$!”

It is for this reason that I feel the best thing to do with their email addresses is to give them to someone I don’t know who will sell them for $5.


I wondered who the hairy Irishman LeBron James keeps mentioning to me over tea must be. All this time, I assumed that he meant Gabriel Byrne, but it was you!


Ah yeah, LeBrawwwn Jaaaaames loves nothing better than a good MLM scheme to throw some money at.


That’s how I got him to invest in Bitcoin. Sadly, he blocked me after that. :frowning:


Sorry, OP, I hate to be the breaker of bad news but I heard they closed their email accounts because two Fiverr sellers sent them pics of their dogs all the time and their PAs couldn’t keep up with cleaning their mailbox folders of all the dog hair.

Of course, if you don’t believe in rumours and still seriously don’t know what’s wrong with you asking about help with this - you can Google a contact form to contact the NBA without any struggle at all, and surely, if you have a really good reason to know their personal email addresses, the people in charge of the responses to that contact form would pass it on? Good luck.


I’m sure NBA players would love to get put on email lists for irrelevant things without their consent and will make their emails discoverable for this special treat. Maybe someone has a super cool dropshipping company or something! Such a great sales prospecting technique. Screw ethics and reason! (Sarcasm)


A client asked me to collect email addresses of nba players but I have no knowledge about that. So, i tell him and order even not started.


Actually do the same thing, said him i dont know the process.

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kindly, Can you explain more?


You have sections in your ‘e-mail niche’ gig that state ‘This offer includes:’

Consider adding a line that states ‘This offer does NOT include:’
Then add something that covers your original issue, so you aren’t asked to violate privacy again, nor go beyond your scope of ability.


Thanks very much. I will do surely.

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In this case, the line would have to state something like: “No, I can’t get you private email addresses of famous people.” If he really needs to put that in the gig, what’s next? “No, I can’t get you the moon, don’t be ridiculous”?


Edited: Muneeb, I’d change the gig image; offering “… for Any niche and location” is no good idea. I would have advised to ask support to cancel for you else, so the cancellation won’t hurt your rating but seeing that, I agree with Cy, cancel the order and get on with your life. But do change that gig image, before you go on with your life, else you might get more orders like that.


Perhaps simply changing from “Any niche, any location” to those he can actually get might be easier than listing all he can’t.


Oops, you’re right, the gig image … I read the description but didn’t look at the gig image.


“Be clear about what you do and do not offer” is valid, but you have a good point about not going to ridiculous and detailed measures.

Very detailed answer Miiila.

Whats the good option?

1- Changing some text in gig image Or
2- Changing the whole gig image as I have many impressions but lesser clicks. I listened that more clicks helps in getting more orders. And more clicks will come when you have eye catch image.